A Calmly Creative Year

Well I think my work, and the way I work, changed significantly in 2013 so I thought it would be helpful to write about it after gaining a little distance from these changes. maybe this way I will gain a little perspective on why these changes have taken place and where to go next!


I started spring with this peaceful landscape, still using the patterns I love but in a more sparing, delicate way. so much calmer than my old giddy drawings but still using the same language. I think this signified a calmer, more meditative, less addictive approach to creating and I felt that, rather than employing a constant search for the next big idea I simply want to focus on details, leaves, plants and the earth, how they catch the light, the beauty in the random and perfectly unique composition of the leaves in every tree on earth, the suggestion of longevity, rootedness, life and eternity. Seems to me the world’s natural beauty (and people’s natural beauty) are no longer celebrated by artists, are seen as sentimental or an unthinking kind of art. I see it as a celebration of life and it’s that simple, nature is just the essence of humanity. How can you feel more human than when observing the earth we live on? I’m not sure I want to be so arrogant as to think I can add any more to something already perfect. I feel that to ignore nature is to ignore a huge part of our own nature and the reality of our lives and genetic make up.


I wanted to focus in this painting on abstracting the textures and play of light each of the trees, focussing on their relation to each other and the flatness of the earth, and the intensity of their beauty.








In contrast, my fashion ideas seemed to get bolder, giddier, then calmer again- figure that one out!