My morning coffee

I did this drawing a few weeks ago of me drinking coffee, and was totally giddy afterwards. There’s something therapeutic about getting into the habit of doing a drawing a day, a habit which I intend to get back into (I will keep you posted!). I tried this drawing style after I bought a beautiful book full of Gianfranco Ferre’s fashion illustrations. I had been looking for a more abstract, but still elegant, way of drawing clothes and figures for years, so was chuffed to bits to find this book. I always find I love to draw fashion and paint fashion and make fashion but I don’t always want to draw or paint people- which is why, by default, a lot of my paintings look just like me although they needn’t do. It’s just that I happen to be there when I am painting! So now I can draw fashion without worrying about anything else quite so much, although there’s still some changes I’d like to make perhaps to make the more abstract figures my own. It’s also a quick way of capturing the moment, such as a morning coffee which is always the best time of the day by far when I can sit and sew and daydream and be whoever I want 🙂


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