I realised yesterday my table needs a tidy. But then I looked at it again, seeing it with fresh eyes rather than just seeing the jumbliness of it, and thought, you know it really looks kinda  cool. I love all the objects that are on it (I don’t think I own anything I don’t love, especially visually- what’s the point?) and realised what a fabulous painting it would make. The glamorous collection of objects, and sparkle in the background reminded me of the cover of one of my favourite ever books, ‘The Diamond As Big As The Ritz’ by F. Scott Fitzgerald, from which several of my paintings have taken their inspiration. I love the extremity and extravagance of the book, which I guess is linked to my love of fashion, where everything seems frivolous, dramatic and larger than life, like a Chanel fashion show for example. Perhaps I could also write a short story, linking the objects in as characters! Might try it.


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