A year in crosstitch.

Crosstitching monotonously today, which is quite relaxing and doesn’t require too much thinking! They keep playing my favourite song of the moment on the radio, ‘We Found Love’ by Calvin Harris and Rihanna which is always good. And ‘Earthquake’, Ladyrinth & Tiny Temper. Does make me see how blessed I am to be enjoying all of this, and how much happiness I really do find through music, art, craft and love, although we all know it’s not always easy to see that.

I took photos of all of my crosstitches, all of which I have done in the last year, just shows how much I have managed to get done! The immense time and attention that has to go into each one obviously takes a lot of patience, and perhaps it appeals to me during this time because I am needing patience in life, which is not always a bad thing I suppose.


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