Almost kaleidoscopic landscape

I was really exicted to finish my latest sewing project, a crosstitched landscape embellished with lots and lots of pattern. I’ve been trying to work towards a composition like this for ages, in any medium, but felt the crosstitch helped me to make a bit of a breakthrough with my use of pattern (I have a book full of easy-to-follow crosstitch designs- all I had to do was find a few of the prettiest, choose some colours and transcribe, no need to worry too much at this stage about painting techniques for the patterns). I tried to use pattern to ‘colour’ each item in the composition as seen in Marwar painting which I very much admire (also inspired by textiles), and had my first attempt at blending patterns and colours into each other to create light and shade. Think it worked quite well, and would love to apply these ideas to a painting soon including areas of stitching, paintwork of varying detail, and of course a little bling in varying densities. Or perhaps rather a lot šŸ˜‰

‘All is pleasure … the paintings portray Jodhpur palace life with colour and ecstatic vision’ (Johnathan Jones Guardian art review).

I like the idea of lots of kaleidoscopic colour, palaces, frivolity and ecstatic vision. My work is anything but dark, which bucks the predominent trend in the art world ( thankfully) and is much more about hope, peace, paradise and heaven and reflects a more positive view of life. Or maybe just reflects my excitement addiction, andĀ is further evidenceĀ that I am a hedonist!


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