(Tickled) pink lightning

I was woken up in the middle of the night by the dramatic revelation that I must knit some more pink lighting. Somehow I knew this was just right, it made so much sense! I went back to sleep and was ill when I woke up so had forgotten all about it until this afternoon, when, feeling rather contented and prayerful and therefore not needing to make Christmas decorations obsessively as has been my latest distraction, I was looking for something to do and remembered my revelation and I was really excited. The idea fit my mood so perfectly and expressed me so well in that moment. Pink lighting= excitement. Of course I had a very fulfilling afternoon, sitting and knitting away with several cups of tea to make it extra cozy.

I first discovered lightning as an appropriate expression of my consciousness when studying in Brighton- I was very happy in my surroundings for the first time in a while, and my brain felt like it had so many ideas it would explode, it felt high. I deliberately tried to do a painting that was expressive, without trying to calculate the composition but just paint my raw feelings, and the painting of the girl with the fluorescent pink lightning coming out of her brain was the result.

If you ever wonder what I am thinking, the two pictures above are are a good representation of the most likely scenario! So, if lightning = excitement, and crosstitch = patience, let’s hope soon I will have a huge pile of knitted lightning, nay, every kind of lightning, preferably, in PINK.

These two pictures remind me of ‘The Diamond as Big as the Ritz’ book cover (see Ritzy!) since they all have some dramatic weather in there somewhere, and ‘Much beautiful love’ has the similar kind of random assortment of objects piled together, while the staircase on the left with all the sparks suggests an ecstatic pointing upwards to something higher. In the book, of course, this suggests the idolistattion of infinite wealth and extreme frivolity, whereas for me it (as well as the frivolity!) evokes God, heaven, and the pleasureable paradise shown in the Marwar paintings I love. All ideas of possible future compositions anyway.


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