Self centred? Who, me?

Once upon a time I got lost in wonder and wilderness (2006), Blinging rainbow landscape (2010)

 Self-portrait (2009)

I feel at the moment that I am realising a lot of the goals I have had for a long long time, which is not just exciting but simplifies my new goals, which is a relief. I think I am able to concentrate on the things I really want to be doing more and more each day, whereas when you first start out of course you faff around with a whole load of ideas that aren’t going to last (which is very confusing actually!). Not only am I getting lots of old projects finished that have been hanging aound for months (my pile of crosstitch for example), but I am achieving more abstract creative goals too. Like my breakthrough with the patterned landscape that I did a few weeks ago.

Years ago I felt quite conscious of the fact that my art was basically a series of self-portraits, partly because of my obsession with fashion (obviously I wear the clothes I’m obsessed witth so who better to paint in them?!?). But for some reason, perhaps a spiritual one, I instinctively felt this approach was not the one I wanted to focus on long-term, but felt stuck because I had no idea how to go about changing what I desired to paint. I think that’s because God has to do it for you, in time. I’m happy to say this morning I realised that, as my focus in life has changed little by little from myself and on to God primarily, and everybody else, so has my art. Recently I have felt so much more excited about depicting the splendor of God, and the paradise of heaven, hence my explosive lightning drawings and my (hopefully) splendid landscape.


 Afternoon tea at The Ritz

Ive been thinking about how much I love palaces and glamorous settings for the same extravagance, drama and frivolity that I love about fashion. Hoping to incorporate that into my drawings and paintings as another expression of something higher.


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