Flowers and sparkle!

Did these fashion drawings recently, I’ve started adding a little gold sparkle to the black lines, which I think has been a success, and I’ve been doing more pencil drawings too which is so exciting, and adding bit by bit to the manic ‘landscape’ drawing. Think I’m finding a more unique drawing style nowadays, little by little. Hurrah! It’s become my habit to have a quiet coffee each weekend morning and just draw intensely for an hour or two- I really love these times each week and have got quite protective over them! Can’t wait for Saturday to see what happens next.

Also sewing most afternoons when my concentration is waning too much to keep drawing- I find it’s a really good way of working. I’ve been thinking about different ways of making flowers for my paintings, and did a sample using bugle beads for stems and flower sequins, which I LOVE. And a flowery crosstitch lightning.

MUST keep making these little flowers to add to my crosstitch patterns but when am I going to find time?


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