“It is what a woman leaves off, not what she puts on that gives her cachet” – Paul Poiret.

Had a rather inspiring shift in my favourite gallery at the V&A yesterday, I was surrounded by the natural simplicity of design influenced by China- I am just In Love with this Gift Cover, embroidered in such simple but quite daring colours, gold and green on black. My older paintings are characterised by a similar kind of simplicity and elegance, using only three colours usually, and I’ve realised lately that my work has been much more busy and manic when I have felt the need to express quite negative emotions like anger and fear, and more natural and pared down when I’m feeling more content. I think this is my own way of expressing light vs. dark, happy vs. sad, not deliberately, but my instincts seem to just tell me to go crazy with the colour and pattern (and my outfits actually!) when I’m feeling emotional.  I don’t really do dark art, all of my work is fairly positive I think because I believe that’s the attitude to try to have towards life. There’s no point emphasising the negative, but life’s complications still come out in a rather giddy and manic expression!

  Recent manic work!


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