The Calligrapher’s Garden.

I have started to teach myself calligraphy, and while browsing the books on this subject I discovered the exquisite work of Hassan Massoudy. I love his work so much that every time I think of the little book I bought I feel so, so happy! He does abstract ‘drawings’ of nature using calligraphy techniques which look so effortless and have a certain balance and poise to them, and are controlled without appearing forced. I love that. They really make me think of Gianfranco Ferre’s fashion drawings, which I love as you well know. They both employ simple, fluid, vertical lines and abstracted depictions of nature, and have such a restrained but effortless elegance to them. There is even a quote in the book saying as much, ‘Like  beautiful young women, the palm trees wore their best and adorned themselves with their fruits as with jewellery ‘ (Zafir al-Haddad, 11th century). I thought of combining the two ideas in my own work, somehow, and perhaps using different textures to create a semi abstract thing of beauty. Oh, and here’s my attempt at calligraphy after about an hour’s practice on Sunday morning before work- over a breakfast of panettone and espresso on Piccadilly, naturally!

The last one is my own, and the textures below which I have used for drawings are the kind of thing I might use for a more abstract, fluid composition.


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